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Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #2830 on: May 06, 2023, 05:29:05 AM »
I purchased a Boss 4x8 cnc, distributed by Lone Star Cutting Solutions.
It's all most 10 years old runs on Mach3.
I wanting to replace the computer.
Just started looking most I see are running
64 bit windows.
Any suggestions
Jim, if you are using the parallel port I would suggest that you upgrade the PC to a WIN10 or 11 machine, a "mini" type has plenty of power, and get a new motion controller with either an Ethernet or USB connection.  No modern PCs use the parallel port any more.  I moved from an old Dell XP machine to an almost new Dell mini and replaced the parallel port connection with a UC100 from CNCDrive. https://cncdrive.com/  This just connects to a USB port on the PC and is all contained in a DB25 plug housing that goes straight into the breakout board "parallel port" socket.  I installed Mach 3 on the computer, copied across the xml config file and license file from the old PC, and it just worked.  I am very happy with the UC100 for my purposes, many here would recommend an Ethernet connected motion controller.   
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #2831 on: June 15, 2023, 10:16:56 AM »
Hello, my name is Ralph in MN with ROG as a nickname. I cut my teeth on a B&S single spindle automatic screw machine in the late '70s. I did a short stint with CNC that used a ticker tape before parting ways for my career in print and computers...

The tooling experience has carried me through decades of countless DIY projects...

Last year a "friend" told me of an auction that had an Atlas Craftsman 36" lathe. A 60's vintage in great shape. Since I still had my machinist toolbox with mic's, calipers and indicators, I snapped it up...after purchasing a small band saw 6 mos later, I realized a mill was "the missing link"...so I started researching, searching, shopping and after countless hours of reading, I decided on a Matthews PM-727 mill with DRO...

I priced it out with all the goodies and got a pit in my gut... I needed more time to justify... I was about to order new as they're on a 5 month B/O and I just happened to look on Marketplace and found a 1.5 yo PM-727 complete with CNC and most of my list of goodies for 20% less than what I was going to order...

I brought it home late April... I fabricated a stand, got it mounted and placed in shop. I am putting the finishing touches on the electronics box and am in the process of figuring out the home switches...

The only exposure I have is the 20 minute demo I got prior to purchase...GOOD GAWD, what was I thinking? I must be a masochist at best...lol
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Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
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Hi Folks

Thought that I'd best say hello now that I've signed up.

I've built and converted a few machines over the years but now I'm back to the start with my latest project.
  • My first build was a small CNC router running Mach3. I still have it and it still works (at least 10 years later).
  • Next 'project' was a conversion of a CNC lathe which I used a standalone CNC controller (a Gunt). I used servos on that build and I cursed everything about it for about 3 months until I finally got everything to talk to everything else. I also still have that and it also still works.
    • Then came the CNC mini-mill conversion. Learning from the previous experience I went for Mach 4 and an ESS. Again, still got that and it still works (to be fair, it is newish)
    • Finally, my latest project. A CNC Plasma Table. Luckily someone else has done all of the hard work. It is running Mach3 with a generic BOB and a Razordance THC. I've only had the axis moving with Mach. Not tried the plasma part yet as I need some info on the serial connection from the THC (a simple, do I plug it in question).
        So, nice to meet fellow geeks!