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Author Topic: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!  (Read 4466301 times)

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Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #120 on: January 06, 2008, 05:23:14 PM »
Man!  This forum is great!  My name is Stan or screenname natsnot and I hail from Iowa.  In the early startup of an engraving business and have a nice laser engraver, sand blast cabinet for sand carving, and purchased a CNC Router a few weeks ago.  I don't have much time during my days right now, so am intimidated about the learning curve I face with the router and I can REALLY use it in this business.  It's a Masters CNC with a 12"x24"x4" work area.

Our website should be ready to launch within the next 1-2 weeks with a good start at our product offerings.  I hope many of you will check it out after the launch (I'll announce it here somewhere that I might be permitted to do that, but you can find it in my profile too) and let me know what ya think!

I may be hit and miss on visiting here for a while, but I have a feeling I'll be here a LOT before long to I can shorten my learning curve on that cool new router I have!
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #121 on: January 06, 2008, 08:32:55 PM »
Hi I'm Chuck, living in SE Wisconsin.

I got interested in metalworking about 5 years ago when I started selling some car accessories I had designed, and got tired of paying others to make parts for me. Eventually I bought a mini-mill, first built a Shumatech DRO for it, then did a full CNC conversion using Xylotex, and TurboCNC. A couple of years ago I left GE Healthcare after 20 years as a Senior Product Development Engineer where I designed X-ray tubes for CT scanners, and started my own product development firm. We have a Milltronics 4 axis machining center, which I must say is a really nice machine and a manual Prince 1340 lathe along with a Scotchman cold saw. Although the mill is very easy to progran conversationally, we also use SheetCAM. I use Solidworks and COSMOS FEA for all of my designs. I'm in the process of adding CNC to the lathe. For this upgrade I'm using servos instead of the steppers used on the minimill, and Mach3 turn instead of TurboCNC. I hope to use the lathe for producing components for our soon to be released medical/aerospace pump.

Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #122 on: January 07, 2008, 12:56:40 PM »
Hi..I am new to this world of cnc, only a couple months. I live in missouri, I have been in a wheelchair for 37 years since Vietnam. I built a small lawn and garden business in 1983, just retired from it in 2004 due to shoulder surgery, they say your arms are not ment to replace your legs and they are so right. Not whinning just history. Hobbys are drag racing alchol funny car and just started building models of some of my cars, this is why i wanted to get into this field to maby build small parts for my projects. What i have done so far has been all out of scrap metal around the shop. i have a medium size manual jet mill works fine just wears you out cranking the wheels, this is the reason i bought this Terco mill, maby not the best choice but did'nt want to spend to much on a machine, maby i couldn't run, i won't give up but will be asking some dumb questions! There is my life, welcome to it!!  Wil :)
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #123 on: January 11, 2008, 04:13:57 AM »
While new to the forum I registered my copy of Mach 3 about a year ago. No I've not done much with it nor with the Emco Compact 5 CNC lather and Emco F1 CNC mill both of which I've completed 90% of a retro fit. Both are in my lounge room and before I complete the fit outs I need to build in a room under the house. This is proving costly and time consuming (it's rained over my 4wks holidays and I've not been able to do a thing due to the inclement weather).

I teach Industrial Technology in a high school on the east coast of Australia. While I am not a formally trained as such a teacher I do have a couple of trades and have a Dip Mech Eng. Most of my working life has been in the heavy transport industry and basic science labs. The current school that I am at has a Hercus CNC lathe (a PC200) and a Hercus CNC mill both of which are Australian made. Having run some Fanuc machines I am finding these Hercus machines frustrating due to non standard G codes. Can Mach 3 be used with these without a retrofit? Also we have a Adept Pro (?) and it would be nice to run Mach on this too.

Anyway I'll keep tuned in here and when the rain stops I'll attend to my building works so that one day I can finish the rertro fit I started 18mth ago.

Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #124 on: January 14, 2008, 01:30:18 PM »
Hello --

My first time here. I'm a total newbie to the machining, CNC and Mach3 world... and am floundering bigtime! I hope to get productive with your help!

Productive... what I do - we do actually as I have a small company - is make concertinas which you can see here http://www.buttonbox.com/morse.html. Each one has about 1100 small parts of which we design and currently job out to others to produce. We've just received a TigerTec http://tigertec.us/6090-2.html CNC router and hope to now (or soon anyway) make most of our parts in-house.

My background is that I'm an architect and that music is my hobby. I've played many instruments though squeezeboxes were the ones that really appeal to me, and I got into fixing, buying/selling, then making them. Slowly my hobby turned into a business, and now it's the other way around - architecture has been relegated to hobby status. Who'd a thunk?

-- Rich --
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #125 on: January 15, 2008, 05:00:19 AM »
Hi everyone im new to this forum (but not mach 3 or lazycam)  been using it for about 2 years now >fantastic programs i must say anyway HI  ;)
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #126 on: January 22, 2008, 03:30:20 PM »
Hi I am Friedrich von Möllendorf and I live in South Africa
Done my apprenticeship as machine builder at Siemens in 1972
After 15 years I changed direction an turned electronic design engineer, done development for battery charging and logging systems for high power Battery systems (Zebra), after Anglo American closed us down 9 years ago I started my own Engineering Shop, Softselect Domicile Engineering. Apart from doing the run of the mill engineering components, I service and calibrate 3D measuring machines for Wenzel. I got in to CNC at home with a Bridgeport Series1, bought it with a blown control. Made up some custom electronics to drive the original Stepper drivers with step and dir software, the first software was Millmaster pro from Microkinetics, this ran for a few years till the lightning took it out. I then relaced it with CNCpro from Doug Yeager. This is still running today. when I don't have work for it I will replace the drivers with Geckos (already on the shelf here) and Mach3. I have a Harding CNC lathe fitted with a NUM control, very nice. Where Mach3 comes in is my small BV20 Chinese converted lathe was also running Turnmaster Pro from Microkinetics, after the control card got popped by lightning, I moved over to Turbocnc but got frustrated with the tool offset problems. Tried EMC, but I don't speak much Linux, and the Linux forums suck. So this is where I am now.
I am just rebuilding the control  interface (BOB) and rewiring the whole thing just to be sure I am not creating problems for Mach3.
The BOB i am developing is a bus system where you can plug in cards to suit you needs, once done I will post some pictures
I will keep you posted on the progress.
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #127 on: January 29, 2008, 06:51:05 AM »
Hello - Alastair, west midlands, England.

I'm busy refurbishing a large Pinnacle CNC mill. It had a Northwest Electronics control unit fed with tapes, from when tapes were very new and exciting and punch cards were more the thing. I've got a Routout 10 amp stepper driver powering the three fairly hefty steppers and a variety of isolation/control boards made in-house to propel the contactors and pumps. My objective is to make it into a heavily productive machine again. mechanically it's in fine form, the power electrics are all in, the steppers step very nicely, but the second parallel port is giving me no end of grief. but that's another post... I'll whinge somewhere else on the site.

Hello to everyone here, there's a lot of very clever and determined folks doing some wonderful work helping old machines and old computers to keep each other alive and useful! Be well, stay safe.

Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #128 on: February 01, 2008, 10:05:32 PM »
Hi my name is Allan, retired schooldirector (1100 students age 14 ..20   technical / administration & restaurant service) in Aruba. I was trained as a technical instructor in Holland ( instrument maker). In my spare time I do some metalworking and woodworking, building a CNC router is a challenge I have set for myself.
Re: New people welcome !! Come in here and introduce your self!
« Reply #129 on: February 05, 2008, 06:52:11 PM »
Hello All
My name is Chris Jarvis and I live in Mexico, wherre I was born and raised although I have spent a few years in England, the US, and Canada, and have been back in Mexico for the last couple of years. I grew up in an area where we had no electricity or luxuries, and as necesity is the mother of all invention, I spend many years designing and building things, which I have done ever since.
I have built lost foam foundries, manufacturing plants, designed products and gadgets, and am alright on most things mechanical, and have managed to get by so far on the electrical and controlls side, although I find myself scratching my head constantly on these issues.
I am beginning to build CNC equipment here in Mexico, as well as retrofit machinery as there is a decent market for used CNC machinery (most here cannot afford new). I like the idea of using PCs to control machines, and so it is that I end up on this forum, with many questions. I wouldlike to use Mach to interface with the machines I am building and retrofitting. I need to understand a few basic things:
 I have a bunch of very nice Emerson Drives and Servos, older vintage but all new. PCM 11 drives and DXM-340CB/NE34 servos. Can somebody be so kind as to explain what else I need to, if any, to interface with these drives and servos. I presume I need some boards for the PC (what are some recomended?). Do I need additional software or hardware for the Emerson Drives?
I appreciate being able to ask many smarter than I and I look forward to hearing your words of wisdom!