Product Manuals

The manuals on this page are downloadable PDF files. To read them you will need Adobe Reader


Mach3 had a single gcode Interpreter, while Mach4 will have several different interpreters for the different machine types. Mill is complete and Lathe is nearly completed. Information will be included on changing Interpreters in the setup manual once more than one is available.

The Mach4 General Operation Manual covers mills, routers, engravers, and other similar machine types. The standard copy of Mach4 will control nearly any type of machine. All interpreters will be included in the normal Mach4 download. This is only a partial list, many other manuals are in the process of being written.

Mach4 Manuals
Mach4 Installation and Configuration Manual
Module Works v2 Plugin for Mach4 Hobby-Quick Guide
Module Works Plugin for Mach4 Hobby-Operation Manual V2
Mach4 Hobby – General Operation Manual
Mach4 Industrial – General Operation Manual
Mach4 Screen Designer (GUI) Manual
Mach4 Scripting Manual – LUA
Mach4 Gcode Programming Manual – Mill/Router Style Machines
Tool Touch Off Help
Mach4 GCode Programming Manual – Lathe
Tangential Screen Overview – Tangential Cutter
Mach4 Galil Plugin Manual


Details of all the customization features of Mach2 including the Screen Designer, writing macros, and interfacing for special hardware. Much of this manual also relates to Mach3.

Mach2 Manuals
Documentation for Mach2Mill Release 6.11
Customizing Mach2

LazyCam (BETA)

As LazyCam development has ceased while still in the Beta stage, there are no “official” written docs available for using it. The training videos and forum posts should be enough to get most people savvy enough to run Beta level software started.

Also, there are user-written manuals for LazyCam and LazyTurn available on the Members Docs board of the forum (requires registration to access the board).

LazyCam Manuals
Sample Post-Processor files (Mill, Plasma) and Variables list

Mach3 Addons for Mill

Mach3 Addons Manuals
Mach3 Addons for Mill Manual Version 2.75

Mill Wizard

Mill Wizard Manuals
Newfangled Mill Wizard Help Documentation


Misc Manuals
G100 Setup GuideThis shows the setup and config of the G100 pulseing engine from Gecko drives.
Charge Pump Safety CircuitThanks to Marris Freimanis of Gecko Drives for the schematic and Les Newell for the idea of the charge pump safety device in the first place.
CAD Drawings for Digitizing ProbeThanks to Shaun Wainford.