Mach4 is our newest CNC control software. It is more advanced and designed for today’s computer systems, large gcode files, and more customizability.

It has more advanced processing that is smoother and faster than Mach3 for a better quality cut and less cutting time.

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Mach3 turns a typical computer into a 6-axis CNC machine controller. It is very rich in features, works on most Windows PC’s, and is customizable for many applications.

Mach3 is the most intuitive CNC control software available.

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Mill Wizard

The Mill Wizard is a stand-alone program to create G-code for milling parts and for doing basic operations where CAM software can be overly complicated.

The program is intuitive for those new to CNC and a great time saver for veterans.

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LazyCam Pro (Beta)

LazyCam is a BETA-release free importer included with Mach3. Its purpose is to import standard dxf, cmx, and other file types to allow those that do not have CAM programs to more easily generate Gcode to be run under Mach3. The Pro version requires the purchase of a license.

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Mach3 Addons

Mach3 Addons are a solution for using Mach3’s wizard capability to simplify the creation of G-Code files. This package will minimize the time it takes to go from “start to part” by minimizing the need for using a G-code editor.

This package is great for simple, unchained operations, that will only be run one time. The Mill Wizard is our new product that is much more advanced.

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3D Cutting Simulator

We have just released a plugin for Mach4 Hobby written by ModuleWorks. This plugin installs a new screen module within Mach4 Hobby allowing you to run your gcode and see a block of stock transformed into a finished part.

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