About Us

Our History

Mach was developed by Artsoft founder Art Fenerty as an offshoot of early EMC (Enhanced Machine Controller) project versions from the (NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology.

While EMC was designed to run on Linux, Mach was first designed to run on Microsoft Windows, making it more accessible to the majority of computer users. Art founded the company Artsoft in 2001 and began selling what was to become one of the first and most popular CNC software programs, because it was affordable and practical for most users.

Newfangled Solutions began after years of collaborating with Artsoft and working on Mach software. Newfangled Solutions began selling its own product: The Mach Add-on’s for Mill. Newfangled Solutions was a slightly different company than Artsoft, having a much broader focus that included Engineering, manufacturing, and machining.

The company was geared toward working with anyone to develop innovative solutions to today’s production and manufacturing problems. At its heart was a fun loving and humorous attitude as is evident in the company name:

new·fan·gled (adj).

  1. New and often needlessly novel.
  2. Fond of novelty.

While the two companies had different markets and focus, both had the same philosophy: innovative ideas, helping anyone, building a great community, and providing an exceptional value. The idea of enjoying the work and gaining satisfaction from creating, is at our very core.

The two companies naturally joined together out of their single focus: solve challenging problems while enjoying the process and being extremely affordable. Today, Artsoft is the CNC software division of Newfangled Solutions. Newfangled Solutions is geared to solve a vast range of technical issues that include, but are not limited to software.

We welcome everyone to join our community.