Feature Requests & Bug Reporting

Artsoft has always made every effort to make our software flexible, bug-free, and rich in features for a multitude of different applications. Because of the complexity of the software, its many uses, and the vast number of hardware devices it is used, we are always busy writing new code and making improvements. With well over 20,000 users all over the world, the list of requests is very large.

If you find a bug, need a hardware device plug-in created, or need a feature added, we will do our best to solve your issue. Our developers are constantly working to solve these issues and expand the feature set of our software. Hardware plug-ins are the responsibility of the hardware developer to ensure the component works according to their design. We help whenever possible; however, contacting them directly is the best option.

Please use the appropriate forum or the contact us page to request features and report bugs. We will collect and rank this information and work on the items that are most important to the entire community.

We work extremely hard to maintain the affordability and usability of our software. We will reply to requests and bug reports whenever we are able.

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