Welcome to Mach Support! We have three ways of providing support for Artsoft software:

Self-directed: Users access the FAQ’s, videos, and manuals to learn more about the software and find solutions to common problems and questions.  Learning the basics through these means will be of great benefit to your quality of cutting and the projects you can create.

Our YouTube videos are popular with many users:  Mach Support YouTube Channel

Free Email Support: Users can submit a ticket in our help desk using the support button below and our support technicians will assist in answering your questions. When creating the ticket, be as detailed as you can about your hardware, PC, which Windows operating system, and which of our products you are using.

Telephone support: To use telephone support, you will first need to create a help desk account, log into the help desk, and then create a ticket detailing the issue. Telephone support is free for licensed users of Mach4-Industrial.

MACH SUPPORT HELP DESK — Click Here for support!