MACH SUPPORT HELP DESK — Click Here for support!
  • Due to the increased volume of requests for tech support and our commitment to provide the best possible customer service experience here at Newfangled solutions we have now implemented an automated Help Desk.
This will provide a way for us as well as our customers to access and share information and assist us in resolving tech support issues. This link will direct the user to our help desk interface and allow the user to register and review progress on the request or view past requests. It will allow the user to access our ever developing knowledge base for those that would like to explore the technical manuals, how to guide, and FAQ’s. The help desk also allows the user to rate and comment on the service provided at the help desk. This feedback will help us develop and grow the meet our customers and users needs. To expedite, and ensure that your questions are answered in the most timely manner please be as detailed as possible with what your using for an operating system, what version of what Mach software your running, and exactly what issue it is that you would like our technicians to assist you with.