Galil Plugin


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Product Description

Galil plugin for Mach4

The Galil PlugIn controls the popular Galil Motion Controllers. The Galil is a very powerful motion controller that will control up to 8 axes and provides I/O capabilities as well. When used with Mach4, it provides a means of controlling a closed loop servo system as well as a stepper system. Stepper motor and servos can even be mixed within the same system. The plugin works by taking the Mach4 step and direction signals and converting them into linear interpolated moves in the Galil command language.

Controller Compatibility:

  Accelera Series
  • DMC-40×0 Ethernet
  • DMC-18×6 PCI BUS
Econo Series
  • DMC-41×3 Ethernet
Rio Series
  • RIO-471xx
  • RIO-4720x
  • RIO-47300
* The Optima DMC-21×0 controllers may work, but none have been tested.
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