Software types: what’s needed?


Is this the only method?

No. There are many different methods and software packages that can be used. What is needed really depends on your specific application, knowledge, ability, and time. What is shown on this page is to get you familiar with the general software classifications and there use. Many of the software packages available today are a combination of CAD and CAM and produced for a specific application; such as carving signs with a router.




What is the best?

Anyone that says that one method or type of software is best, may like their method best, or haven’t tried other methods. Each type of software has important benefits and strengths. When designing a complex piece of machinery, it is difficult to argue against using CAD and then CAM. When making a new motor mounting plate on an existing machine, the speed of a wizard is hard to beat. One aspect that most can agree upon – learning all of the software packages can take considerable time. Do some research and keep your mind open.

At Newfangled Solutions, we use the traditional method 50% of the time. There are many times when we go straight to a machine and use the wizards, and then there are times when we use CAM and then edit the G-code from CAM in a G-Code editor. What is necessary and the fastest really depends on your methods, knowledge, ability, and how much software and equipment are available to you.