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Author Topic: Ultimate Screen Mill/Lathe/Plasma (TouchScreen and/or Mouse and/or keyboard)  (Read 86773 times)

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Mach Motion has not received any emails or phone calls from you and I have been on a job site for the last few weeks, so I apologize that I could not respond quicker.

I spent today reviewing your list and could not find any issues with the screen.

However Mach does have a few bugs its self that you are seeing on 2 of the case's ;)
Please read over Artsoft's bug list... oh wait it is not up yet :( when it is made available.

We currently have hundred of people running the screen and have not reported back any of these issue, please watch the videos included and/or read the Mach Manuel.

With the little time I have I can post some quick guide to the problems you are having.

First off very important:

Chapter 3.2.1: Most will not work unless Mach3 is reset and out of the EStop state, You have a valid license of Mach and are not running in DEMO MODE.

Screen Limits:

Soft limits :

-   Soft Limits is working you have to set them in the config panel

Z Inhibit off :

-   Check under Config/Safe_Z_limit (check that it is set to machine cord)


-   This is to change the top DRO’s to display machine cords/Offset cords

To Go

-   This is to change the top DRO’s to display distance to go

On-line Offline
This toggle and warning LED "disconnects" all the output signals of Mach3.
This is intended for machine setup and testing. Its use during a part program will cause you all sorts of positioning problems.

Screen Controls:

Single Block

-   You can not Feed Hold the machine and then do a Single Block Single BLK
SingleBLK is a toggle (with indicator LED). In Single Block mode a Cycle Start will
execute the next single line of the part program and then enter FeedHold.


-   You will need an M1 Command in the Gcode…you cant nest a M1 currently in Mach



-   You will need to click on the top menu and hit Brain Control.
This is a know bug…Hopfully this will be resolved in the next Mach update

Tool Path:

-   Don't know what you mean?

Manual override off limits

-   You need to have tripped a switch to turn this on.

Jog Mode

-   Works fine you might have to check you pin config

Jog on

-   Works fine you might have to check you pin config

In Simulate mode, it acts as Run and do not show the Estimate Time

-   This will not estimate time but do a Offline run. Use the Estimate time button

Zoom, such functions do not work

-   All of the above are for the toolpath screen

Tool Offset Information:

Auto Zero

-   This might not work on your machine. You may need certain hardware.


-   You have to set " remember" first, then hit "return"

Ignore tool change on:
-   This is working no know issues

If you can not resolve the issue with the answers above please email Mach Motion and they would be more then happy to talk to you on the phone or via email.
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Hi Prendice,
My emails kept getting rejected…so somehow there is an issue with email.

I've PM'ed you the newest version.
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Hi All,

I am Andrew with MachMotion.com. There has been some confusion on my contact info so here is an update.

If you are having any issues at all with the Ultimate Screen please give me a call at: 573-368-7399 we offer free phone support for any Ultimate Screen related problems. Also you can email me directly at: Andrew@machmotion.com.

Attached is a little document on some of the advanced screen features, and how configure them for your machine.  We now have the jog buttons set up so you can edit the text and the function for each button.


were i can download ...? Looks very pretty...
Dark Star,

Our a link to the screen set on our website is: http://www.machmotion.com/Parts-&-Accessories-Software-&-Downloads/c36_2/p93/MachMotion&%2339s-Ultimate-Screen/product_info.html

After you buy it we will send you a link to download it.

I have just bought this screen set, was the zero robe function ever added as I cant find it?


We have not added the probing or any other features like that yet.  And I don’t have a time frame for when we will be adding them.  We do have six user buttons that can be setup to do probing, and about 4 user DRO’s that are on the main Run screen that can be used along with the probing.
Thanks Andrew,  that what I figured.  I will use the user button then.


friends come here for a little help for some tutorial on this screen posted on the forum as I turned around and I could not find help for those who have this tutorial           lengths
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I am building a 4x8 plasma table and am looking for a very simple clean screen.  Does anyone know of such a screen?