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Author Topic: Ultimate Screen Mill/Lathe/Plasma (TouchScreen and/or Mouse and/or keyboard)  (Read 86771 times)

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You can now buy the screen at http://www.machmotion.com/product_info.php?products_id=93

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I see the "Remeber" is still there   ;)

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It is fixed in the final release of the screen, as well as a number of other enhancments have been added........I have not had the time to update the "preview" located here.

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Just trying to help as that's from the website where it's sold, and figured it might not "look" good as a preview there to buying this.

I'll go back to my corner now...lol  :P
Just because I'm a Global Moderator, don't assume that I know anything !

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This you can take as feed back.
My friend (a machine manufacturer) just mailed me abt this screen.he said that there are some errors in it.

like no able to load wizards,on screen key board is not loading at some places and password is not getting accepted at Diagnostics Section etc.
can i have some help here.
This screen is sure Dam good,and we don't mind if it costs more than the basic software.but at the same time we expect the screen to be complete bug free.

i hope some one can help us here.bcz iam also planning to go with this screen.

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Hi Fever16,

100% any issues or bugs found are fixed, one on one phone support is available at Mach Motion as well.

Give a call or email for support, we love to talk about Mach, CNC machining as well as suggestions and enhancements you would like to see.

Our mission is to make the very best CNC GUI available.

Mach Motion has added a large number of enchantments to the screen since Version 1.2.0, which in turn may have some of their functionality turned off by default.
This is a result of the "Stored Settings" available in the screen. Your settings are not "overwritten" when installing an update or reinstalling the screen, so we have added an option in the installer to "Restore Default Settings".

We are almost done with the documentation for the screen and will have it available locally in the screen as well as via the web.

LED 1813 set to "0" will turn on the keyboard via VB.

Here is a list of some commands you can call to the screen via VB:


10 Folder Path
11 File Path
15 Admin Password
16 X Label
17 Y Label
18 Z Label
19 A Label
20 B Label
21 C Label

22 User LED LABEL///
23 User 1 LABEL (Button 1)
24 User 2 LABEL (Button 2)
25 User 3 LABEL (Button 3)
26 User 4 LABEL (Button 4)
27 User 5 LABEL (Button 5)
28 User 6 LABEL (Button 6)

////Run Screen///
29 User 1 LABEL
30 User 2 LABEL
31 User 3 LABEL
32 User 4 LABEL


1800 X DRO scale
1801 Y DRO scale
1802 Z DRO scale
1803 A DRO scale
1804 B DRO scale
1805 C DRO scale

1806 axis veloc x
1807 axis veloc y
1808 axis veloc z
1809 axis veloc a
1810 axis veloc b
1811 axis veloc c

1812 Nudge amount

1813 File is loading

1814 Store Spindle JOG
1815 Store SpindleOV JOG

1816 DRO format
1817 Gcode format

///Run screen//
2000 1 User DRO
2001 2 User DRO
2002 3 User DRO
2003 4 User DRO


1170 Resume/Pause teach
1171 Open JCode
1172 Teach LED'S
1175 Clear teach

1800 Native Units

1801 User Button 1
1802 User Button 2
1803 User Button 3
1804 User Button 4
1805 User Button 5
1806 User Button 6
1807 User Button 7
1808 User LED///

1809 SPindle Jog

1810 Folder
1811 File complete

1812 User settings load complete

1813 Keyboard on/off
1814 Tool Message on/off
1815 MCode on/off


You can also email me directly if you need anything at all.

Thanks for the complement on the screen.

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iam sorry for my late reply.
and thanks for the response.

as far as the setup is concern.we received MachMotionPro1.0.1A.exe at first via email.later it got updated to MachMotionPro1.0.2B.exe
we had issue with both the versions.
in A:
1.wizards not working
2.not able to add tool length
3.not abe to load keyboard from sub menu.
and in B:
1.same as above wizards not working
2.keyboard not at all working(even at mdi)
3.not able to load G-code

so currently we are running the system using old A version.

and VB method never worked to bring up keyboard(tried on B version)

so when ur going to release Version 1.2.0.i need to solve all these issues as soon as possible.

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Hey Fever16,
ahh ok .... I will send you a PM with the location of the update and my phone number.
am i missing update?
thanks for the update.
now every thing is fine.
thats one heck of a screen.