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Author Topic: Ultimate Screen Mill/Lathe/Plasma (TouchScreen and/or Mouse and/or keyboard)  (Read 84205 times)

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There is a Single Block (Button/LED) Under the sub menu "Controls".
If single step is on it will turn green and say "Single Step Active"

You can add script to the buttons, there are help video's located on the main menu on how to do this.
Simply under the sub menu you click on the edit button and add your code...you have the option to run code "On Release" or/and "On Press" of the buttons.

I have just gotten off the phone with them, your email might have gotten lost try sending another eamil, or at any time you can call them.

You can call MachMotion or email them at:
Tel: (573) 368-7399

I think that has something wrong.
My version is 1.0.2.B, I received less than 2 weeks.
It does not work many functions ..
In the video has a button "Tooling" on my screen is Offset "..
Below some functions that do not work.

Screen Limits:
Soft limits
Z Inhibit off
To Go

Screen Controls:
Single Block


Tool Path:

Manual overide off limits
Jog Mode
Jog on

In Simulate mode, it acts as Run and do not show the Estimate Time.

Zoon, such functions do not work

Tool Offset Information:
Auto Zero
Ignore tool change on

Finally, there are several functions that in my Machotion not work, maybe issue a release or installation.

I await your response.

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There is documentation on how to setup Mach3 with your machine under the help section.
You will need to go into Mach3's settings and define a number of settings to the type machine you are using.

If you would like you can give Andy a call or email him and he will help you setup Mach with your machine.

Please contact Andy at:
Tel: (573) 368-7399

The problem is not setup Mach3.
I did more than 15 machines with Mach3.
The problem is more complex.
For example the button "Online" does not work when activated, but when the Mach3 config menu, under "Operator" I drive "offline Control", the LED of the button on-line changes state.
I am attaching it with the previous message and sending to Tech@machmotion.com, I hope to answer them this time.




I sent email to tech@machmotion.com with what I sent to you earlier, but had no response from them.
I think really that I lost my money.
It is very bad to know that ...
The Screen has many errors and we do not have any support them.
To make the payment they promptly responded to e-mail, but now I do not have any answers.

I am disappointed.
I understand your disappointment.

If you're spending $200 on a Mach3 Screen Set you should expect all the features to work flawlessly.

Sorry you're having issues, maybe MachMotion will do the right thing and refund your money.


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Had you tried to call them using the phone number that "zealous" had provided for you?

While I have no affiliation with machmotion or Artsoft, sometimes emails don't always work and when it's a matter of a serious problem like this or very much money on the line, I would think a call would be your best bet.

Hope this works out for you-
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I apologize for your disappointments!!!

MachMotion has had great support both email and phone and I am very surprised that you did not get an response. Somehow there is some communication traffic.

If you could email me your contact information at zealouseappex@comcast.net I will make sure they set things right.

All of the features should work flawlessly...if they do not MachMotion will fix them   :)

MachMotion has a large number of diffrent types of machines running the screen if they can not duplicate the issue, they would ask the customer to call MachMotion or report a step by step report of the issue via email.

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I belive we have resolved Prendice issue.
The screen is compatible with Mach3 R3.042.020 or newer.

My Mach3 is 3.042.21.

You received my  contact, in your e-mail? 
Please, send this for machmotion.