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Author Topic: Ultimate Screen Mill/Lathe/Plasma (TouchScreen and/or Mouse and/or keyboard)  (Read 86772 times)

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Is this screenset compatible with the latest lockdown version of Mach 3(3.042.20)?

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Hi bjm323,
Yes it is and from what I have heard we now have the "Feed Hold" LED working in Mach! This will alow us to toggle between "RUN" and "Feed Hold" depending on the state of the machine :)
Does anyone know if and how the function of the 'zero probe' is available in MachMotion? I'm talking about a function like this ...


I bought MachMotion a couple of days ago and still discovering it ...

Thanks a lot for you help!

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Yes 'zero probe' will be included in the screen as well as a few enhanments...ETA: Soon :)

1.   Add Status bar to Keyboard.
2.   Add Button to keyboard to convert number to MM/Inch
3.   Prompt to confirm Zeroing an axis.
4.   Fix rewind and run from here buttons.
5.   Sub menu /MDI button:  When you hit the up arrow to it should let me click on the last thing entered.
6.   On the program run screen, when you are running a file it allows me to hit the load gcode button.
7.   Allow me to write to the user labels on the main screen. (They may already be userlables, I just need to know what the dro numbers and user label numbers are.
8.   Files/: Remove the Rewind button
9.   Offsets/Fixture Offsets: Rename the first column from “Offset” to "Current Part Position" or something like that.
10.   On the trace outlining function the button "Stop Trace needs to stop mach instead of feedholding it. Also the trace speed should be called a feedrate.  When it finishes tracing I would like it to say that it is finished or just close out the trace box.
11.   When you hit “Estimate Run Time” while it is estimating the button says "Stop Simulating" It should say "Estimating Run Time" Or something like that.
12.   Nudge buttons should all be the same layout as the jog buttons. And the text inside the button should be the same as the jog buttons.
13.   On most of the screens where it shows the tool data, it should show the tool description. And on the DRO screen it should show the tool length. And if you are going to show the tool change position on the DRO screen it should have XY and Z. Also relabel "Change Position to "Tool Change Position".
14.   Somewhere add a Label that lets us know what profile you are running
15.   Make the main DRO's change from Green to Red if they are in Machine zero
16.   Diagnostics/Motors/Spindle: Takeout the Pulley Display. I just want the button to setup the pulleys
17.   Diagnostics/Inputs: not all the led's work in here.
18.   Diagnostics/Ports and pins: you have the right number with led, but I would like them in order. 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 for port 1 and Port 2.
19.   Diagnostics/Outputs: Digitize needs to be moved to the inputs page. (Digitize is a input not a output)
20.   Diagnostics: Rename General Config to "Screen Config" Or something like that!
21.   Add a step by step tool setup, with or without a gage block/touch sensor Height
22.   Add text to explain function or help file.
23.      zero probing
Hello Zealous

I just bought a jog pendant from these guys , It works great with the default mach screen but has some issues with the soft_ lights screen . in the instructions it mentions that some controls will not function in third party screens . do you know if the machmotion screen will work with this jog pendant without any issues , if so I will purchase it....beautiful screens


Thank you
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Hi Peter,
Thank you for the complements.
There should be no problems running the pendant with the screen.
If you ever encounter an issue you can always email or call Mach Motion for support and they can make the proper changes to ensure functionality.
I've PM you a demo copy of the screen, if you have any issue please contact me at support@alphagraphicdesigns.com
Thank you

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video displaying easy of use and adaptability:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/ORR_pQgG0ys&amp;hl=en&amp;fs=1&quot;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/ORR_pQgG0ys&amp;hl=en&amp;fs=1&quot;</a>
Hello, Zealous

I bought the MACHMOTION screen, after installing and testing, I found some flaws and I have some doubts.
I sent email to Joel (MachMotion), and he did not reply! I lost U $ 199.00?
You could help me?
Below my doubts.
1. Single Block - button, only appears on a screen and do not work when
There is no Led in the other pages to indicate that this mode is selected.

2. The execution time of program is always reset when stop is triggered, thus
lose the basis of previous time, it would be better just stop time and do not
delete it.

3. What is TSpindel? He acts not only when triggered Spov + or-Spov, he should
show the current rotation?

4.How I do to access the AMPS and K and L and P?
They are a random number of 238 in all.
What OEM / Dro needed to measure the Spindel AMP?

Thank You.......

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Hi Prendice,

1. Good point I will add a "Single Block" LED/Button along side of the run buttons. Now that we have a working "Feed HOld" LED this will free up room for teh "Single Step" LED.

2. Yes the time will reset this is in internal timmer in Mach and that is how Mach works with the elaps time.

3. "TSpindel" is "True Spindle Speed"

4. User DRO's- Amps: 2000, K: 2001, L: 2002, P: 2003.
You can simple click on the lables name to change what it says.

For example to change the userlabels (this will work for your X,Y,Z,A,B labels as well):
A. Click on "Amps"
B. type in something else like "Rotation"
C. then save your settings.

Here is the list of user settings:


10 Folder Path
11 File Path
12 system
13 system
14 system
15 Admin Password
16 X Label
17 Y Label
18 Z Label
19 A Label
20 B Label
21 C Label

22 User LED LABEL///
23 User 1 LABEL (Button 1)
24 User 2 LABEL (Button 2)
25 User 3 LABEL (Button 3)
26 User 4 LABEL (Button 4)
27 User 5 LABEL (Button 5)
28 User 6 LABEL (Button 6)

////Run Screen///
29 User 1 LABEL
30 User 2 LABEL
31 User 3 LABEL
32 User 4 LABEL
33 Search word


1800 X DRO scale
1801 Y DRO scale
1802 Z DRO scale
1803 A DRO scale
1804 B DRO scale
1805 C DRO scale

1806 axis veloc x
1807 axis veloc y
1808 axis veloc z
1809 axis veloc a
1810 axis veloc b
1811 axis veloc c

1812 Nudge amount

1813 File is loading

1814 Store Spindle JOG
1815 Store SpindleOV JOG

1816 DRO format
1817 Gcode format
1818 Resolution

///Run screen//
2000 1 User DRO
2001 2 User DRO
2002 3 User DRO
2003 4 User DRO


1170 Resume/Pause teach
1171 Open JCode
1172 Teach LED'S
1175 Clear teach

1800 Native Units

1801 User Button 1
1802 User Button 2
1803 User Button 3
1804 User Button 4
1805 User Button 5
1806 User Button 6
1807 User Button 7
1808 User LED///

1809 SPindle Jog

1810 Folder
1811 File complete

1812 User settings load complete

1813 Keyboard on/off
1814 Tool Message on/off
1815 MCode on/off
Thanks, Zealous

But what about the Single Block button? He really does not work.

It will be great to have led to indications of SB.
How can I make a button with the " Script Button", for example, a button of "Auto Tool Zero" or other ...
Ok I understand that this is TSpindel, but on my screen it only works in the range of rotation, ie when I turn or change the rotation, but after that it back off of the state .. I need an encoder in Spindel ....... to measure the rotation real?
Where can I get a longer version with these changes?

I need another "keycode"?

Thank You.