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Author Topic: Spindle Speed Calibration Procedure - Syil X3 Mill under Mach3 Control  (Read 10685 times)

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Hi All Syil X3 Mill Users,

Syil X3 Mills are Seig X3 Mills converted to cnc.

At the attachment below you will find the procedure that I used to calibrate the spindle speed of my Syil converted X3 Mill. The procedure calibrates the speed requested by Mach3 to the actual speed of the machine.

I was always annoyed that I could never attain the maximum 3400 rpm under Mach3 control. The low end wasn't too bad as delivered but the top end was miles out.

I have now adjusted my machine following this procedure and I am now happy. Of course the calibration is for speed settings with no overrides.

Hope this helps for those who like myself wondered how to do this for 12 months.

I was lucky that my machine front panel speed display was quite accurate when checked with my laser optical tacho so I did not need to adjust this. If any one knows how to calibrate the front panel rpm readout, please let me know and I will amend the procedure below so others can benefit.

Kind Regards


Thank you for posting this info, I will surely benifit.
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