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Author Topic: Does Mach3 work with the new Seig KC6 CNC lathe?  (Read 12310 times)

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Re: Does Mach3 work with the new Seig KC6 CNC lathe?
« Reply #10 on: December 07, 2007, 10:38:11 AM »
Based on the Sieg CNC pdf file, the KC6 will run on a Siemens controller presently.

However, I can confirm that Mach3 will definitely run on the KC6 with stepper/servo motors. In fact, I have a KC6 unit under test and it is working under Mach3. I just need to work on the 4-position auto turret tool post macro or brain. I am almost through with the electronic circuit board to control the turret but still struggling with the brain and/or macro (Hint: Maybe someone want to help on this :)).

The spindle comes with an encoder though I am only using the index pulse for synchronization to cut thread. When the smoothstepper hits the market, it should be able to fully utilize the encoder.

When I have everything setup and running, I will try to post more details.