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Author Topic: G83 Peck drill does not drill to specified depth. Subsequent holes even less  (Read 36 times)

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I'm using Mach3, Gecko G540, on a Taig mill, drilling 5 holes using G83 as my material is quite soft and welds to the drill quite easily.  Hole depth is .75"  I set z0 with the drill bit about .005 above the work.  The first hole is about .6" deep and each successive hole is shallower by a significant amount.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Code is below
M03 S 5000
G90 G0 X0 Y0 Z.3
G1 X.93 Y.93 F15  (3/16 DRILL);
G1 Z.05 F5
G83 Z-.70 Q.25 R.1 F5
X.93 Y-.93
X-.93 Y-.93
X-.93 Y.93
G80 G0 Z.3
M6              (3/8 DRILL);
G0 Z.3
G1 X-.4 Y0 F15
G83 Z-.70 Q.25 R.1 F5
G80 G0 Z.3   
G0 X0 Y0

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Slow the feed rate and see if you are loosing steps.
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