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It's easy and fast to cut, can be repaired easily by cutting out the area and gluing (gorilla glue) in the new piece then re-machine. Relatively light and very durable, nothing soaks into it, you can paint it with anything, even house paint. Very stable, so it will not warp over time. Good for any weather. And the list goes on...

Look up Signfoam3, I use 18lb density 2" thick The cost is steep ($500 and about 97 lbs) but one board produces around 6 times or more in revenue. So you could say "I am lovin it". And it is safer than cutting some of the woods I do that can be harmful to my health.

Only other tools I use are a wood rasp and sand paper, the fastest way to get it ready for primer.
Well worth the cost for 3D sculpturing. Cuts fast, I rough at 70-150 inches per minute. When I get my next machine finished it will triple that speed.
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Forgot to mention you can use automotive body filler (bondo) to repair it too.
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24 inchs tall
4 inch radius
Before and after painting
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My Christmas Present to myself
Red Oak and Maple
One of two I built 11 gun and a 6 gun


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Thanks Scott  ::) for fixing my screw up

Used to hold an Allen Bradley SLC 503 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
with 4 thermocouple module and  a 6 input/6 output Relay I/O module
Controls my Fireplace blower (when to come on and off based on temps in Plentem and the room)
Also Gives me the temps of four zones (Room, Basement, Outside, and the Plentem in the fireplace)
and controls one electrical outlet that I use to turn on and off a light I plug into it.

Programed it to come on in the early morning and again in the evening for a few hours.
Everything is programed and monitor from the Panelview 600 HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Even created some ladder logic to compute the day of the week. Fun little bit of programming!

Used Boiled Linseed Oil to finish the bamboo (called Plyboo) box, a very hard wood.
Added a little engraving.

Hidden cabinet door hinges at the bottom to get access to the PLC and wiring.
Beautiful wood to work with, finishes well on the face, sides and ends.
Project I been wanting to do for years.
Just got it hung up so have not finished installing the temp probes as of yet.
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Still learning to love the Dynomotion Kflop + Kanalog system and the +/- DC brushless servos, Lot to learn but it is quick, accurate & powerful.
single 90 degree V tool
about 9.5" square
26 minutes
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Walnut Oval Table Top

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Excellent work my friend, I just love that table top.

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Thanks Tweak
Here are a couple of more projects I am working on
The three signs are made from white oak and the coffee table is from a huge wild cherry tree, slab cut potato chip I found in my neighbors wood pile. Took a while to get it close to being flat, but I wanted to preserve the bark. Coated with a two part epoxy resin, this I am thinking will be the bottom, but Ya-Nvr-No.
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