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3D Probe Settings questions
« on: July 11, 2008, 11:23:31 PM »

Just got my TP-100 Probe in today... seems to work great, but I have a few questions.

1.  Max Grid Increment setting...  what is the definition of this setting.  For example, if I set it to .01 if give me a point ever .01 of an inch.  But my question is, if it is set to say 1 inch for example, I assume it will put a point every inch regardless of a point being hit?  Or if hits a point between 0 and 1 inch it will record that point?   What is the recommended approach with this setting?  Does it depend on Object size?  I asking before experimenting so I don't destroy the probe in the process...

2. Probe Ball Diameter... mine is .076... what is this parameter doing?  I assume this compensates?

3. Probe Rate must rely on something else... probing seems slow any way you shake it... any suggestions or recommended settings?

4. Maximum Z height for stuck probe... what is this for, and more importantly, what is the definition of a stuck probe?

I have scanned, and the point cloud shows up in MachCloud, but I have had no luck in meshing the cloud to output to a .STL.   I can Mesh the "Prop" example, so I know I'm doing it right... but there must be some minimum point cloud settings I'm missing.

Thanks for any Advice.