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Author Topic: Always in the Slow Jog Mode  (Read 10500 times)

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Re: Always in the Slow Jog Mode
« Reply #20 on: March 25, 2008, 07:29:04 PM »
Took your advice and changed the Motor Outputs to “A” and the input signals to A also.
See screen shots below.

Moved the jumper from Z on the BOB to the A position and the other end to the Z driver.
X and Y are working normally.  Z will not move + or -.

Checked the Dir voltage and both + and - were 0.

Connected the jumper from A on the BOB to the Y driver. 
The Y stepper will move + and -.
Could not measure voltage cables in way.

Connected the jumper from the Y on the BOB to the Z driver. 
The Z stepper will not move.

Looks like the Z driver card is not operating.
Replaced jumpers back to Y-Y   and A-Z

Took the Y cable connection to stepper and put it on Z stepper.  Z stepper will go + and – when going through the Y drive card.
Nothing is wrong with the Z stepper.

Could it still be Mach3?
I'll send PM with phone no.
Mr. Chips
Retired 3M'r