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Author Topic: when cutting the machine goes wrong direction  (Read 4846 times)

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when cutting the machine goes wrong direction
« on: February 15, 2008, 10:27:37 PM »
i am having a problem .it is this when i set up a job the axis moves the wrong direction .the jog controls move in the write direction and the machine homes correctly . and also if i go into mdi screen input a g0 x 1 it moves correctly or any outher direction.now i do have a problem of getting the job display and the table screen to work right ill home and then jog to were the part is zero the dro's do a ref all and the part should be in the middle of the table. It is not it is off to one end.i have set the table paramaters to 9.5 x32 table for some reason in a simulation things go in the right direction.and when i go to cut metal the cross hairs showing the cut a right but the table goes the wrong way it is like everything is reversed if iload a wizard say surfacing i set the start point at bottom left hand corner it goes to the outher side of the part instead .so then i tried a known cam program and it had a circular pocket in it and hen a contour goround to the minus side of x it went the outher way instead.ive reversed the motor output signals but then the jog controls are oppisate and the homing goes the wrong way then . does any one have any ideas  ??? ???

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Re: when cutting the machine goes wrong direction
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2008, 03:11:55 AM »
OK you misunderstand what the Ref all is for. When you fist start the machine up you do the Ref All button and it will move each axis in turn to your home switches and it will let mach know where it is. This sets your machne coordinates up as X and Y zero at the lower left corner of your work area and for Z the zero is at its upermost. The important thing to remember this is machine coordinates and you dont often look at them. Now what you do is jog off to your material zero position but instead of pressing the Ref All button you press the zero for each axis, this will set up a work offset and it will show as zero in the DRO for each axis. However if you press the machine coords button you will see the DRO change to where Mach sees the true zero position to be (axis extremes).
 This may not be causing your reversal problem but try it that way first and see.
Re: when cutting the machine goes wrong direction
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2008, 09:05:20 PM »
thanks hood the part is back on the table.thereversal problem turned out to be i had the motors going the wrong way to +- some one from cnc zone helped me  fix that i then had to reverse my home switches to the opasite ends of the table all is well and i am milling metal thanks so much.

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Re: when cutting the machine goes wrong direction
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2008, 02:12:55 AM »
You did not need to move your home switches.--Page 13. http://www.machsupport.com/documentation/Mach3%20Setup%20Tutorial.pdf
More good reading here. http://www.machsupport.com/documentation/Using3Mill.pdf
People are more than happy to help here on the forums, but you will find a wealth of information quickly by looking at the very well written help files. There are also some great videos that Art has taken the time to produce for us. Seeing as how your just getting started, there is no doubt there will be many more questions come along, and nothing has a faster answer than a good manual. If only they were written in Chinese and translated to broken English...would make us feel right at home!
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