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Author Topic: G001 Spindle set up  (Read 2098 times)

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G001 Spindle set up
« on: November 30, 2007, 01:46:36 AM »
I followed Arts G100 latest setup where it says "6.1.6 Spindle Setup
To set up your spindle to be controlled by an analog output you should only have to do 2
things. Go to Config, Ports and Pins, Spindle Setup and enable ModBus Spindle"

I'm using the PMDX-106 AND I have already tested it and works fine with the Spindle. I have no trouble turning on the spindle on with the Mach3 but I can't control the speed and with the settings exactly as spec out with Mach3. The ground is connected to the ground on the PMDX-106 and the Analog is connected to the Analog in on the PMDX-106. When I increase the spindle speed in mach3 the voltage only increases to +1.8 v at max speed on Analog 4 on the G100 and also the In Mach3 is set to Analog 1 hence the offset in the software. Also the Step light comes on at Axis C Step pin.

Please help!!!!!!!!