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Author Topic: K2 cnc 25x39 mach 2  (Read 44191 times)

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K2 cnc 25x39 mach 2
« on: April 10, 2006, 04:26:02 PM »

Footprint with the motors 54" x 30" x 26"

Travel or Cutting dimension:
X-39" Y-24.5" Z-5" 


Ratio is 2:1 on X and Y
Pulley made of Aluminum 

Frame Features:

Structure is CNC machined 6061 aluminum and extrusions
6061 Billet Machined Aluminum
X and Y Axis uses 20mm THK style linear rails/blocks (4 Blocks for X and 2 for Y) 
Z Axis Details:

5" Travel comes with Linear Rigid Rails and Hi-Tolerance Ball screw of .001 Tolerance 
Servo Controller Details:

3 to 4 Servo Motors with feedback encoders.
Geckodrive G320 servo controller
Wired for Step/Dir signals from Printer/Parallel Port
Fully enclosed control box and prewired for Parallel Interface
110 (std.) or 220 (request) watts power supply. 24VDC unregulated (~30V) 8 Amps.
5 watt power input wire from 1 computer USB port.
Linear Motion of X and Y Axis:

Rigid Rails
Hi-Tolerance Ball screws of .001 backlash tolerance available( bearing house has a plastic dust cover )
Ballscrews .001" backlas tolerance.

305 oz/in Servo.

2:1 Pulley ratio.

Total weight: 190 LBS
Set up by Zealouse (VILE GUITARS)