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Author Topic: connect spindle to BL-UsbMach-V2.1  (Read 7602 times)

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connect spindle to BL-UsbMach-V2.1
« on: July 03, 2021, 09:28:10 PM »
Hi Everyone,
Hopefully someone can help me. I have an 2.2KW Air Cooled Spindle Motor with an Huanyang HY series 220V Inverter VFD 3HP. I am trying to wire up the VFD and the spindle to my breakout board. However, the documentation I have is not that clear. I have attached a photo of my breakout board and a picture of my VFD, Greatly appreciate any help. At this time all I want is to connect the DCM and FOR (spindle On/Off) and the ACM and VI (spindle speed control) from the VFD to my Mach3 Usb breakout board. I have attached a photo of both my VFD and my breakout board. If someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.