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Author Topic: Mach3 - WCS - Shows parts but cuts the first one in preview  (Read 109 times)

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I wonder if someone can help me with this, more than likely a settings issue.

I have a part I would like to cut out of 12mm MDF. I want to cut the same part, 4 times out of a single sheet on the CNC bed.
So instead of putting the part 4 times into Fusion and setting up as a big file for all 4 parts, I set all the CAM for a single part and then set WCS in 4 places.
This produces the 4 parts in the preview (once I have set up my WCS on Mach3)

When it cuts, it moves to the new positions and cuts, but the preview, instead of cutting Part 1 (G54 bottom left) and then G55 top left, it keeps going over Part 1 at G54, even though when the G-code loads, the preview shows all 4 parts at each WCS position.

Obviously its not critical, it cuts in the differing position, but Mach3 shows itself cutting G53, 4 times over and doesnt move over to the other 3 parts.

Bit weird. I had expected to see the preview go to each part and cut it.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Mach3 - WCS - Shows parts but cuts the first one in preview
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What you are seeing is a flaw in the old Mach3 software its only the display driver that shows wrong the machine will cut it correctly, Mach4 shows thing correctly.
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