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Help !!!!
« on: June 26, 2020, 05:06:35 AM »
Hello all you knowledgeable folk !!!

I am playing with all this CAD CAM Stuff ! I have a Semco millig machine that I have fitted with closed loop steppers and controlling with Mach 4

I have a small issue that is beginning to frustrate me and any thoughts you all may have would be helpful ...

Setup as follows :-

Dell xps 15 I5-8300h CPU@2.3 GHz
8 gig ram
64 bit windows 10 home

Design and cam on Fusion 360
Post cam to Mach 4
AXBB_E motion control and bob communication by ethernet. Anker USB-C to ethernet adapter
Closed loop stepper motors drivers and power supplies from china
All works well with an occasional stop. The stop is random the machine will stop all motion but Mach 4 will keep counting through the lines. Sometimes mach 4 will run to the end and occasionally it wont. If I restart and repeat the program the stop will never be at the same point if it occurs.
Occasionally when the stop occurs a small movement off centre occurs.
When I had spindle control through the AXBB when the stop occurred the spindle would stop and start in reverse. I have taken the spindle VFD out of the enclosure and emoved any control from the axbb to eliminate interference and noise.
In Mach 4 setup I do not have any limit switches and so home in place. If I tick all the boxes to allow home in place, I cannot, if however I cross all the boxes I can home in place.
In the AXBB Diagnostics and setup :-
If I increase the MAX step Rate above 100kHZ
Buffer size above 100ms the machine does not respond to mach 4 (interestingly loses x axis first)
Any ideas ? Im thinking I am missing something simple

What do you guys think ?