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Author Topic: How do I create Vectric Aspire Post Processor for Mach 3 file to load in Aspire?  (Read 3610 times)

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I purchased Mach 3 from Automation Technologies last year April 2019.  My Sherline Spectralight lathe with NEW steppers and Gecko 540 is FINALLY talking to my Windows 7 computer after two parallel board replacements and no driver support from Amazon overseas board supplier.  This windows 7 computer is NOT connected to wi-fi or the internet via cable, and it now has a moderately priced surge protector.

I'm ready to run a test... Any one have a recommendation for a lathe test run?  I will look at the files posted here.

I watched a youtube video last night about some add-on for lathe, but can't seem to find them on the Artsoft website.  Those options looked simple enough, a basic GCode example. 

I've asked the Aspire community where I find a Mach 3 post processor, as it is NOT in my options.  I'm running Aspire version 9.5x on Windows 10 - different computer.

I'm not totally clueless as I've had a CNC wood router for a while, but recently upgraded it it Planet CNC / TNG USB Motion controller as DWC refused to support Mach 3 interface with my missing steps.  I am pretty sure my parallel board got an electrical surge.

Suggestions?  I found the Mach 4 manual, will look for Mach 3 manual. 

For me, I've spent a lot of money first 4 months of 2020 on the Specktralight lathe and DWC upgrade, so at the present time, not looking to spend money on Mach 4 as I don't think there is an upgrade for hobbyists...

Thanks -

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I would try the Fanuc 6 post processor or the Vectric forum
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Aspire has Mach2/3 postprocessors.
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