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Author Topic: Confused on setting up Spindle FWD & REV to get relays working on BoB Using ESS  (Read 526 times)

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I think I have everything figured out for the spindle motor except I can't get the BoB relays to come on for forward and reverse signals to send out to the VFD. I am using the OB for step and direction to go to the BoB.

First of all, what ports and pins of the ESS actually send out these controls? I cannot find this anywhere. It seems like you need to know ports and pins to set it up or something.

I assume I need to set something up with the Spindle Fwd and Spindle Rev in the Output signals, but I am not sure what settings to make here.

The documentation for the ESS says this, but gives you no specifics on how to set it up:
"You may also assign the relays for Spindle On, Spindle Fwd and Spindle Rev as desired at this point."

You can also find this info, but it tells you nothing about setting them up other than when they come on:
Spindle related outputs.

Spindle Step or PWM: This will take the commanded spindle speed in RPM and convert it to an output signal with a duty cycle between 0% and 100%, which your spindle speed control module will convert into an analog voltage (typically 0v to 10 V DC).  This analog voltages is used by your VFD to run your spindle at the commanded RPM.
Spindle Motor Dir:  This output retains the current spindle direction even when the spindle stops.  It only switches state when a direction change is ordered (which prevents spindle direction glitching).
Spindle On: This output is active when the spindle is active
Spindle Fwd: This output is active when the spindle is running forwards (CW)
Spindle Rev: This output is active when the spindle is running in reverse (CCW)

See attached pic for the settings I am talking about.
Do I need to set anything for Spindle - Unused? Why is this even there if it is unused?
Do I need to set anything for Spindle Motor Dir?
Do I need to use the Spindle On?
I assume my issue is that I do need to set something for Spindle Fwd and Spindle Rev, but I am not sure what. I assume to enable them and I guess pick ESS for Mach Mapping?? What do I pick for pin mappings? 
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I may have solved this one. I called the BoB supplier. Apparently I was missing a key piece of literature for my BoB. I couldn't find a ports and pins setting for the spindle CW/CCW relays anywhere. They sent me one. Now this gives me some info to move forward. It looks like it uses the step/dir to make the 0-10v but still needs the relay outs for the direction....I think.

The Mach3 manual also has a statement that was somewhat confusing me. It says that if you are using step/dir for the spindle that you do not need to use the spindle relays......which is not really true in this case.
" Spindle Relay Control
............If you control the spindle by Step and Direction, then you do not need these controls. M3, M4, and M5
will control the pulse train generated automatically.
If you do not want to use this function, check Disable Spindle Relays."

Hopefully this info will get me going tonight....

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I got the spindle all up and working finally last night. It ended up that all that was needed is the step and direction outputs to be on. This is basically like it said in the Mach3 manual that I quoted above. The other stuff was not needed. It seems that the reason the spindle would not work is that the generic spindle motor settings in the Warp9 literature would not let it run with my setup. I ended up setting it to the same settings I had in Mach3 and finally got it all working.
The next challenges will be:
Setting up the oiler
Tool changer script
Updating to a current pokeys and getting all the setup done for the physical buttons and switches