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Author Topic: Mach4 - Spindle location when manually walking through gcode  (Read 492 times)

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Hi All!

I have a quick question - in Mach3, I used to be able to manually scroll through gcode line by line and see exactly where my spindle would be cutting when each line was executed.  So if we did have something go wrong (bit break, whatever) we could stop it, walk the gcode back line by line (and visually see what was being executed) to get to the correct spot to resume our file.

In Mach4, for the life of me I can't figure out how to see the same thing visually in the tool path viewer.  I see the entire file to cut but as we step forward and backwards in the gcode, I see no indication on the toolpath view of what would be executed if we were on that specific line.  Is is just a setting I'm missing?


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Re: Mach4 - Spindle location when manually walking through gcode
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Pretty much the same as Mach3, just look for the toolpath line changing from the arc or line color to the highlight color as you scroll through the Gcode. You may ask what colors are they? Well, I have no idea because those properties can be set for each individual tool path in its properties in screen edit mode. In the default screens it should be Green, a little darker green and a light blue. You may need to change the settings for your tool path so that you can see it easier (you also have a few line width properties).
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