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Best tutorials on setup & operation
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:54:53 AM »
Hi, not new to Mach3, but previous project was 12 years ago.
Have to relearn it for a PC Board prototyping system.
Sorry, but the official manual isn't a lot of help - no description of the settings tab for one.

So A 2-fer: 1> What's the best resource for learning & using Mach3?
2> There is an interaction between Machine Coordinates numbers and Tool Offset.
  I can't get them both to be zero when the platen is where I want home / zero to be.
  If I manually move away and then Goto Zero, it touches my zero then moves out that Coordinate or Offset amount.
  I will be setting an offset for media clamping, but want to understand how they are set and used.
  What am I missing?  Thanks in advance, Kevin