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Mach4 Hobby Autotouchplate function
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:19:56 PM »
Hi everyone.  I have a CNC Router Parts 4896 Pro machine with the Plug and Play ESS electronics package.
I have everything working wonderfully in Mach3, including the touchplate and a diode laser for engraving.  I run Windows 7 and no issues whatsoever with Mach3.
I am trying to move to Mach4 for the improved laser functions. 
I am running into a few issues, the current main issue being Auto Zero functioning with edge finding.
In Mach3, the script will find the top of the material and the corner automatically (although it only uses the X+ and Y+ sides rather than finding the actual centre, as it has the width of the plate programmed in the script.)
However, in Mach 4, it will not work properly.  If I do a Z only, it works fine.  If I find the centre of the touchplate only, it works fine.
But when I try to find the bottom/left corner with Z, it will do a Z probe, retract, do a Y- move, make contact, then move Z to the touchplate and stop with an Error: Unexpected Probe Touch message.  The history file reports:
" Z axis is performing a touch move.ESS: Successful Probe0 Strike.  Probing finished.Z Axis Offset Set to: -1.1236220472441.RetractingY axis is performing a Level 2 prep move.ESS: Successful Probe0 Strike.  Probing finished.Z axis is performing a Level 1 prep move.ESS: Successful Probe0 Strike.  Probing finished.ERROR: Unexpected probe touch".
Given that the single functions work fine, I'm guessing there is some sort of error in the script, but I am not a programmer. 
Any help please?
Mike Poling