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Author Topic: Mach3 set up for clearpath motors and c62 BOB with Ethernet SmoothStepper  (Read 6247 times)

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this is on page 3:

Soft enable mode is available only when using the C32 and C62 boards. In this case
the C32 will enable or disable the drive and it also monitors the driver alarm signal.

Thus if you have the jumpers set for soft enable when Mach enables it will also enable your servo. It apparently monitors
HLFB as well. It doesn't say which pin or how its monitored but my guess is that its hooked to the Estop pin, ie if any of the
servos fault Mach Estops.

The manufacturer has made provision for you if you wish to use it. If you do want to use it you have to follow their instructions
exactly. The other alternative is use C10s and then YOU choose how to wire it and which pin does what.


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The C10 boards are on there way, but for now i am going to continue to troubleshoot the C62 board hoping that all my work wasn't for nothing. 

Craig, did you see that the HLFB+ was N/A on the C34CP board?  Doesn't that mean there will be no fault signal which as a result will not allow the motors to enable?
the C62 RJ45 sockets for the axis motors have a terminal  Err/Res....an error and reset.

The C34CP presumably adapts the HLFB of the servo cable to the Err/Res of the C62.

It is not plain to me how the manufacturer combines all the Err/Res lines or to what ESS pin or pins to which it is attached.
No doubt we could find out but it highlights the problem that the C62 has and other boards like it.....the manufacturer has made
certain decisions regarding how certain functions are handled and to which pin or pins they are connected and you now have to
play catch up.

The simple expedient is cut the RJ45 plug off one of the servo cables, solder the wires onto the C34CP per the diagram provided,
plug it into the C62 with a short jump cable and try it.

A few hours experimenting on the board with a multimeter will teach you what you need to know, more than any 100 videos or 1000 forum posts.
If you which to use the C62...do so If you wish to be the 'master of your own destiny' by using the much simpler C10's....then do that and post the
C62 and C34CPs as surplus for sale.

'I enjoy sex at 73.....I live at 71 so its not too far to walk.'
The C10 boards will be here tomorrow so i am focusing my energy on learning how to configure these boards.  So far they seam much easier to set up.  Thanks Craig for all the time you put in to helping me.  I am going to keep the C62 board and try to work on it later.  The manufacturer says it should work and he has been helpful on so many other occasions. 

Once again thank you and if i ever figure out what was wrong with the C62 board I will post a reply on this thread.
I doubt there is anything 'wrong' with the C62, its just not easy to follow exactly what the manufacturer intended.

The C10's will both be easier AND harder....easier in that you can choose how to arrange the inputs and outputs and harder for the
same reason!

'I enjoy sex at 73.....I live at 71 so its not too far to walk.'