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Author Topic: Mach3 set up for clearpath motors and c62 BOB with Ethernet SmoothStepper  (Read 3794 times)

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Thanks Craig,

Unfortunately my BOB needs the RJ45 connection for the motors and does not have input terminals for the servo wires.  The BOB is a C62 board from cnc4pc.  I am in contact with the board provider to confirm that the problem isnt with my board set up.  I think there is configuration problem in mach3.  Here is a pin layout for the RJ45 connections. 
the Clearpath plugs are not compatible with your BoB.

The servo requires three inputs; step, direction and enable and produces one output; HLFB.
Your BoB has two outputs only; step and direction and one input; Err/Res.

You need to decide whether you are going to have one dedicated Enable per servo or one Enable that covers all of them.
Next you need to decide how you are going to handle HLFB. You could combine them so each or any servo causes a fault or you could
have one fault line per servo. This last alternative would be my recommendation. You will also have to decide if you want a servo fault
to cause an Estop.

Depending on what choices you make may well mean you require additional inputs, in which case you may need another C10 BoB to equip
another ESS port.

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the C62 has two ports so you should have plenty of inputs and outputs. Shame that those connectors differ from your requirements.

Do you actually have the BoB? If not I would consider the C10 instead, it has screw terminals which will be very much more convenient for you.
Note that you would need two of them but the good news is that two C10's ($23.00 each) are still way way cheaper than one C62.

My wife left with my best friend...
     and I miss him!
Hello Craig,
That is sad news that i may need a c10 board instead of a c62 board.  I am out of time with getting this machine up and running for my company.  The gentleman that sold me the board told me that the board is compatible with my motors but based on what you have told me it is starting to look like that's not the case.  I am going to relay all the information i have learned from this forum to him to give him a chance to explain it.  Most of my research has been on the c62 board so i need to learn how to hook up the c10 board ASAP.  Thank you Craig for all your help.

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Call or email Arturo at CNC4PC, and he should help you get it setup.

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the C62 is perfectly fine, it just that you can't plug your motors in, you'll have to cut the plugs off and probably solder direct to the board.

The C10's are very simple boards. With screw terminals they are flexible. Note that it has no relays or other circuitry for a spindle, you will
have to make that stuff or add it. If you do get some get at least two, that will match the C62 as far as IO, but better get three. Then you can
have all three of the ESS port in action.

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Could i keep the c62 hooked up to the ess and use one additional c10 to operate the motors?
Have you read the manual for the C34CP DRIVER CLEARPATH BOARD Rev. 1.  This is the adapter that converts the 8 pin molex (from servo) to a rj45 cable (c62 BOB).  This is what the manual says the C34CP driver does as far as the enable is concerned.  

"Integrates the fault and enable lines to the breakout board. Allowing a driver fault
to trigger E-STOP and to be able to disable the driver when the system is

Is this the enable function the C62 board is supposedly missing?

The only real let down with the C62 is not being able to hook wires to it conveniently. I see also that the manufacturer has published a set-up file
for the C62, but that would assume that the motors are hooked to it not another board. To be honest once you depart even slightly from the
manufacturers intentions their set up file becomes irrelevant and may engender MORE confusion of the operator rather than prevent it!

For the sake of simplicity I would recommend two (or three) C10s. Trying to retain the C62 is likely to cause you more confusion and remember
you will now have to set the ESS plugin up, the less confusion you suffer the better! The good news is that once you have set it up, and its not
rocket science, you will be confident and be secure in the knowledge that you can modify your basic setup in any way that you need. Very satisfying.

My wife left with my best friend...
     and I miss him!
Hey Gerry,
I have been in contact with Arturo and his brother for 2 months now.  He has been a big help so far but this one problem hasn't been resolved yet.  Thanks for the assistance though.