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Author Topic: Feed rate speed error  (Read 2005 times)

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Re: Feed rate speed error
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I think you are onto it.

When a multi axised move is made they all move at such a velocity to arrive at the right place at the same time. If one axis is slow all the others will
slow to match it.

The F word applies to all axes. If how ever you specify F=5000 but an axis motor tuning specifies a maximum velocity of 2500, the 2500 limit will apply to that axis.

You may have your steps per unit value for your rotary axis at 53.333 but that's the steps per degree, so for one revolution that would be 19200 steps per rev.
If you have an F word of 2500, expecting a federate of 2500 mm per minute you will be disappointed because at that rate your rotary axis will turn only 46.87 degrees
in one minute. If you require it to turn one revolution then it will take over 7 minutes and the linear axes will slow so that they arrive at their anticipated endpoint at that

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