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Re: tiling - X only very long piece
« Reply #10 on: March 13, 2018, 12:20:45 PM »
Yes - a cut operation across a boundary is something we will be trying to avoid in the tool path selection.
While I aim for 1M feed every time, the nature of one long cut might mean , that i Feed 500mm.  This sort of custom feeding, I am still  considering I should switch to MACH4.   

I also will have a  blank space  on workpiece  - so first cut is 10mm, next one might be 1750mm   , so instead of regular 1000mm tiles, it could be move to something else, in order to be faster.

I see an investment in the CAM toolpath routing, its containment to 1000mm sections and nesting into suitable sublengths. I see reasonable support in Fusion for this, but I have to consider other packages too.   Perhaps this is where good experience of post processor will come in.

Thanks for bearing with me, this is relatively new to me, but hope to be putting this into practice in next month.

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Re: tiling - X only very long piece
« Reply #11 on: March 18, 2019, 02:37:15 PM »
I believe tiling is not supported in MACH.

I have thought about a workaround, but dont know if the basis of the idea is possible.

Is it possible to tell MACH that its at a particular very long measurement greater than its machine table. MACH would then work there in a relative manner.

Is there any way for the user to input a measurement which will tell MACH3 that when I do ref all home  its actually at 2400 mm and next time its ref all home its 4800 mm.

Some food for thought  for possible WORKAROUND...
1. I would copy my profile "mach3mill.xml" to another file "mach3mill-variableXlimit.xml". Launch "mach3mill-variableXlimit.xml" which will have a soft limit greater than your actual table.
2. Make use of pretend (vitual) "Manual tool change" say using T#101 and above to stop the machine for you to move your workpiece 1 meter to the left every time. In your gcode for tool change T#101 add comments add comments in brackets (1 meters point) and T#103 (3 meters point) etc. etc
3. I would mount a webcam on the spindle mount so that at the STD tool change location, the video TV cross hair can be used to align with physical pre-drawn marks (1m 2m 3m...)on the workpiece.
4. Your gcode file can be 1 big file and made to run in relative/incremental mode (G91) - relative to the Standard tool change location.
Hope that is helpful.

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