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Author Topic: OD TAPER WIZARD PROBLEM.. NEED HELP PLEASE  (Read 122 times)

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« on: August 13, 2019, 03:32:17 PM »
I have a 1/2" rod and I want to to make a 2" long taper from 10mm down to 1mm .SHould I Machine the 1/2" rod  down to the .393" ?  . What angle would I need to use for that? I keep putting 10 as an angle for 10 degrees? Though I am only getting about a 1" taper and  It asks for where to start and End Z and I put Start at 0 and end at 2"  For the X start I put .393" or 10mm and end at .05 or 1mm.. It is not coming out correctly.. Can anyone help me with the correct angle and X and Z values? . I end up only getting a 1" long Taper ?