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Author Topic: axis won't stop at home limits (but they do lite up at the DIAGNOSTICS screen)  (Read 1011 times)

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Hi everybody,

My name is Javier and I live in Barcelona. I am very new to cnc, so new that I still couldn't start using my machine. I bought a 900 mm by 1400 mm 3 axis router just for drilling small countersunk orifices in aluminum posts but it is taking me forever to get it up and running.

The last hurdle I stumbled upon is that I cannot "HOME" to the limit switches. It just doesn't stop by then.

I can see in the diagnostics screen that the limits "lite up" when the axis arrives to them but it just ignores them and bumps at the end of the run.

The very odd thing is that if I "emulate" the switches, it homes perfectly at the points at which I press the designated emulating key.

Any leads?

Thanks in advance, I have been stuck here for over a week now.
solved it,,,,

I had configured the pins x10, y11 and z12 but y and x were inverted and therefore the switches for x and y were  in the wrong axis.

thanks anyway, there will be plenty more of issues!