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Author Topic: G32 Threading Max Following Error  (Read 1718 times)

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G32 Threading Max Following Error
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:41:00 AM »
I'm putting this post in the HiCON forum because the error we're getting is a HiCON error.
We just got a lathe up and running with Mach4 and the HiCON Motion Controller.  Everything is working very well and so far we're very happy with the results.  However, I'm testing the Fusion 360 post processor for Mach4 Turning.  Everything was working fine until I tried threading.  I don't know if this is a feed issue or something else.  I'll post the code and explain what is happening.

N11 G20
N12 G50 S6000
N13 G28 U0.

N14 T101
N15 G54
N16 M8
N17 G98
N18 G97 S500 M3
N19 G0 X3.8 Z0.1689
N20 G0 Z0.3466
N21 G1 X0.4786 F39.3701                  
N22 G32 Z-0.9699 F0.0769                                  On this line, N22, I get a Max following error.  However, if I change the F39.3701 to F10 it works fine.  Even if I make line N21 a rapid move, it works fine.
N23 G32 X0.5512 Z-1.0062 F0.0769
N24 G0 X3.8
N25 Z0.3466

I don't know if this is a way Mach reads the G32 with a different Feedrate before it or not.  Any insight into this?

Chad Byrd