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Author Topic: Power Failure - Can the position data be saved to prevent loss in an outage?  (Read 2382 times)

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I am working with a fellow YouTuber Peter Passuello (CNCNUTZ) about an issue he discovered.  8)

If you set your home point and are running a job... then have a power failure... the home position is lost. Is there a way to set Mach3 such that when you set a HOME position... the storage file is written? I'm running LinuxCNC on my platform... and have the same issue. During a normal shutdown, the machine stores the data in a file. When i reboot the machine in a day, a week, or a month later... I can home the machine... and my G54 locations are stored. If there is a power fail... all bets are off... the file will be blank upon restart.  :-\

I think Mach3 works the same way... if there is a command or method that can be employed to initiate the save... then it would be outage proof.


On a CNC knee mill I used a post it note. Wrote down the scale position on each slide and the dial position each time I set zero. Would hold position for weeks!