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Author Topic: Just a little beginners help with brains  (Read 2670 times)

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Just a little beginners help with brains
« on: August 20, 2014, 06:20:12 PM »
New to brains, just need a little push to get started.

I want to set the pulley from an input. I currently have

Input3 - compare=0 - formula = 1 - dro current pulley
Input3 - compare=1 - formula = 2 - dro current pulley

I change the input and nothing happens. Is this the right approach? I swear just point me in the right direction and I will figure it out from there!
Re: Just a little beginners help with brains
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2017, 03:26:30 PM »
The INPUT block always activates/works changes state as ":0 or :1"  correctly when i toggle my physical switch or a MACH3 LED

HOWEVER , I also can't get the  COMPARE block to activate on simple on/off 1/0 inputs regardless of weather the input is a hardware switch (INPUT1) or a  MACH3 LED (tested with "Continuous Jog" LED )…so the common problem is that they are digital/boolean  

I tried with the COMPARE block being : =1 and also with >0 …won't activate either way

I CAN get it to work with non booleans like when the INPUT block is the X axis DRO.  And the COMPARE block is ">0"….as a test, unfortunatley I want use a brain with a physical switch as an input.