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No Spindle Spin up
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:53:09 AM »
Good morning, We have had an old Vortex Chinese Router 4x8 running Mach3 since 2009.  No issues until last week. The computer that ran our Mach3 software failed.  I thought it was the board but looks like the hard drive. I was able to add the drive to another older machine, I was able to copy the Mach3 directory and all of its contents to a thumb drive.  I proceeded to download the newer copy of Mach3, pasted my license code and .XML files to the software.  Software starts and and I am able to control X Y and Z BUT, I do not get a spindle start up.  I have tried everything I can.  CHALLENGE: This machine manufacturer is out of business,  No support from anyone.  The Inverter is a Fuling, DZB100. We have a digital readout but we have never run the spindle from the inverter panel.,  We have not changed anything on the router itself. We only added a new PC but added an LPT card because the newer PCs did not have a LPT on it.  Based on that note, I did change the IRQ setting in Mach3 to add the address for the card.  Again, X Y and Z axis moves as expected.

I attached the xml in the event someone may be able to spot something.

Any direction you can point me in would be appreciated.  We have been down in production for 9 days now.