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Author Topic: Another Ref. all home problem  (Read 1177 times)

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Another Ref. all home problem
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:00:39 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, as well as new to the CNC world, so please bare with me because I am struggling with a few things.
I have just recently bought a 4x8 Gryphon CNC machine, using a MX4660 controller, 4 stepper motors with motor A a slave to Y axis,  communicating through a parallel port to my computer with windows 7 32bit and Mach3 Version R3.043.066... now all the details are out there onto my problem.
I have finally got everything wired up, motors working, I can communicate with them tell them x,y,z directions and they move no problem. I have recently installed homing switches for X0 and Y0 (i'm not putting limit switches on at this moment) So after setting my Machine Coordinate all to X0 Y0 Z0 then setting up my soft limits to be 48x96 I am able to move the machine anywhere and as long as I don't change my zero I can click Go to Zero and it goes back to home (zero) But, when I push Ref All Home the Y axis motors don't work together, it's hard to tell if they are either not moving the same speed or if one is not working, but I know they aren't going in different directions. I have included a copy of my .xml setting hopefully you guys can help me figure this out so I can start properly running this machine. Thank You