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Author Topic: I need a simple step by step instrutions on setting up an ATC in Mach3  (Read 1226 times)

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I am a dummy when it comes to programming. I use a conversational g code programmer. But after that I'm am lost.
I have a Colombo ISO 15 auto tool change spindle and have set up all the air controls and valves to operate it.
I have build a side rack tool holder that needs to have the tool holder move in from the side and then unlock and go up.
But I have tried looking at all the macros and other stuff and can not even start to under stand. Weirdly , I can program I/O electrical plc's. But not this.
I am willing to pay if needed.

Thanks, Sam

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If you look in the videos section of the Machsupport website, there's a tutorial video on writing a tool change macro, and the sample macro used in the video is available for download.
If that's not enough, you may need to pay someone to write a macro for you.

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Thanks for the reply , who could write one for me ?