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Author Topic: VB code to Estimate Job and Read label next to Estimated Program Run Time  (Read 993 times)

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I'm interested in writing a simple VB Script macro that can estimate the job and maybe save the "Estimated Program Run Time" that is stored in the label (or DRO?) upon clicking "Simulate Program Run."

Here is what I have so far:

rem M1000 start

Dim OEMButtonEstimateJob As Integer
OEMButtonEstimateJob = 1015


MsgBox "Using GetOEMDRO() Estimate DRO reads: " & GetOEMDRO(815)

rem M1000 end

The Macro works in a sense, it calls the "Simulate Program Run" OEM Button and the label populates with increasing time. I have read the manual over and over and it looks like "Estimate DRO - 815" would be able to accomplish this. Every time I query it, I get a value of 0. I've also tried to query "Elapsed DRO   - 814" with the same result.

However, I queried "Curr Line no DRO - 816" and it populated with the correct number of lines in my gcode file.


Any suggestions?