Author Topic: Wiring of yoocnc 450 Kjb parallel port card to newforever inverter for Mach3 co  (Read 9684 times)

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Hi, hopping someone has done this. I have a yoocnc parrellel port card on 6040 machine and want to wire this in to run  newforever inverter
Using Mach3. There are 3 pins on the board, but don' t know whether these are opts isolated ? The can be configured to apply 0-10v signal to the inverter. any advise appreciated.  :)

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The  450 Kjb parallel port card has only a PWM pin 17.
The Nowforever need Analogue 0-10V.
So your need a converter like

Once you have Analogue 0-10V, you connect Analogue ground and  0-10V to aGND and AN1 respectively.  lower connection 1 and 3 from left on the Inverter.

You also need a pin that enables the PWM pin (probably Pin 1?) + digital ground. Top row  connection 1 and 5
Only 4 wires.

At inverter console change
P0000 set to 1
P0002 set to 2

PWM pin 17 must be  set to active low in Mach 3 otherwise you will have 10V (full speed) all the time.

PS: it might be cheaper to just change your BOB to a 5 axis BOB that includes Analogue 0-10V plus relay. Cost about $10

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manual of a cheap 5 axis BOB with opto-isolation + 0-10V and a relay

Nowforever VFD Manual:
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