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Author Topic: Trying to use variables in g code - not working - must be something obvious?  (Read 1141 times)

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I'm trying to get started writing some macros of my own. As a starting point I'm writing some simple g-code and running that like any normal job but the variables don't seem to be working. I've a really simple example below, define x, y and z coordinates as variables and then move to that location but when I run the job the machine simply moves to 0,0,0?

I'm running Mach 4. Suggestions on a postcard?

N000 G00G21G17G90G40G49G80
N010 G91.1
N020 G94
N030 #1001=75.0
N040 #1002=57.5
N050 #1003=-20
N060 G0 X#1001 Y#1002 Z#1003
N060 G0 X[#1001] Y[#1002] Z[#1003]
Thanks but I'd tried that and every combination I could think of i.e. declarations in square brackets, values in square brackets, wearing a pair of square brackets while typing the code, etc. :-) Still just returns to zero.

I'm running the latest development build of Mach 4, 3130. Might try rolling back to the GA build.


Your code works in my early version: