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Author Topic: cutter comp don't work when i use G59P offsets for X Y wear adjustments  (Read 2572 times)

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Im assuming that since Mach 3 does not have a wear offset page for fine tuning each individual tool. figured i could just use G59P offsets and transpose the G54 offsets to the G59p offsets and just change the amount i needed to move tool into the G59P offset.
Well this in deed works good, so any tool i need to make a minor adjustment to i just give it a G59P7 or 8 or 9 and so forth.
However what i found out is if you are running a tool with cutter comp, and try to use the G59P offset it causes the tool to lose cutter comp and the tool just goes crazy all over.
Does anybody know how to correct this?
or is there a better way to make small wear offsets in X Y without using G59P tables?
any help would be appreciated  
G59P offsets are for moving the coordinates to a different reference.  However, this would not make a good choice in my mind for cutter wear compensation as it shifts all x y values the same amount.  So for example, you're cutting a piece on the low X or Y side of the part and your offset is adjust for a .002" wear on the tool, then cuts on the high X or Y side of the part would be even further off by an additional .002".

As I understand it, you would just adjust your tool radius in the tool table to allow for the wear on the tool.  Then your normal tool compensation would take this into account and be correct all the way around the part.

Take this with a grain of salt, though.  My knowledge on this is somewhat limited as I'm relatively new to milling and do not use tool compensation as my CAM software does this for me.  Of course I have to make sure the tool tables in THAT software are accurate, but either way it seems that the tables are the secret to mastering compensation values.

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What he said.
Just change the tool diameter in the tool table.

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