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Author Topic: Is it possable to have an input trigger a feedhold, dwell, shut off spindle?  (Read 1170 times)

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I have a client that wants to wire a switch to his enclosure.  I need to see if I can wire the switch on a input pin (15)  When the door is opened, it will trigger the pin.  I want the machine to stop.  it is running off of a UC100, so an Estop may loose position due to the buffer.  If a feed hold can be commanded, the machine can run out the buffer and stop the machine.  A dwell for a few seconds can allow the buffer to finish out then turn off the spindle./

Any ideas on how to do this?

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You can probably use the macropump and have it look at the Input and also you would probably want it to also look at the Run LED so that it only does its thing when code  is running.

Something like this may work.

If IsActive(Input2) And GetOemLED (804) Then
While IsMoving()
DoOemButton (1003)
End If