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Author Topic: Getting my c11 board to control my spindle but am having an issue  (Read 1182 times)

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I'm redoing an old cnc lathe with all new electronics. The lathes spindle motor is a dc servo motor. To power it and control it I am using a bardac 1600i drive. Last week I was able to successfully wire up the bardac to control the spindle manually with the use of a pot. I now want to control it using mach 3. I purchased a c11 breakout board but am confused as to how to wire it. The c11 has a analog 0-10v output. I have a +12v psu that powers the analog just like the manual says. I then ran a wire from the analog to terminal 3 on my bardac. Is that all I need to control the spindle speed? What would I need to set the spindle pins at in mach 3 considering its only using the analog. I attached the bardac manual if anyone is able to help me out. Thank you