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Author Topic: Mach3 Demo Writing GCode from Write Wizard messes up machine scaling-  (Read 3257 times)

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New to all of this, but I have a Microkinetics Sherline Mill that jogs and runs basic MDI commands fine.

-Set to 8000 steps (1.8steps, half-step drives, 20tpi screws)
-Native Units set to inches
-Machine moves the commanded distance in any direction and DRO reflects this

If I try to engrave my name in the Write Wizard and write the GCode, the machine scaling goes nuts.  My Y DRO goes to -50.something, and any 1" movement in MDI moves the machine about .100.  My motor tuning values remain correct.  G20 appears in the program as well.  To clarify, this happens when I write the program, before I attempt to run it.  Does this sound like a problem with a common solution?

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