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Author Topic: Selecting the right equipment for a Bridgeport BOSS retrofit  (Read 22326 times)

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Re: Selecting the right equipment for a Bridgeport BOSS retrofit
« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2018, 09:33:47 AM »
I am very happy with mine since that big ESS update last year. I installed a spindle sensor 360ppr into the hole at the top of the variable speed head, though only using one rev pulse until Warp9's next update. Once that comes out I'll rewire to those 360 degree pulse inputs and tweak the spindle speed correction (planning on rigid/semi tapping)

Did you get the air solenoid work correctly with the ESS?

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Re: Selecting the right equipment for a Bridgeport BOSS retrofit
« Reply #11 on: July 31, 2018, 10:48:03 AM »
No, I still use my original setup which is powering the solenoids by the original front panel (manually) with 24vdc power supply. I leave it completely maxed out. I dont feel the need for changing spindle speeds since i'm using PWM with VFD. Andy @ the ESS forums gave insight for changing the PWM spindle speeds for the back gear.
Bridgeport Series 1 Rigid Ram Retrofitted w/PMDX126 BOB, PMDX107, Hitachi WJ200 VFD,ESS, Leadshine DM2282 Drivers running Mach4 comfortably.
Re: Selecting the right equipment for a Bridgeport BOSS retrofit
« Reply #12 on: February 13, 2023, 07:31:46 AM »
I just finished a Boss 5 retrofit with Mach4, and still left the air solenoids in-tact. No problems with Mach4 any more since the new updates. I don't see why you would want Mach to control the solenoids opposed to a VFD without an inductive sensor on the spindle, PWM is pretty accurate. I use the front panel switch to control mine (24vdc solenoids), along with the brake. I went with PMDX126 BOB, PMDX 107 spindle control, Hitachi WJ200 3hp VFD (single phase input, 3 phase output) also added a brake, ESS, Leadshine DM2282 drivers (tuning software was able to microstep original steppers 8x surprisingly nice). The spindle LOW GEAR reverses spindle direction, keep that in mind. You shouldn't use the pneumatic brake to stop the spindle, only for tool changes... I wired the bijour pump to come on only when the spindle is running. Right now i'm about to start an enclosure for a 17" LCD touch screen, leaving enough room for a control panel that i'll integrate with a pokeys56 usb interface to mach4. I can send you some pictures/video if interested, just pm me. I might also have some extra sets of switches as I bought three Boss 5's worth of extra parts when I got my machine.

I was running an Athlon 64 at first, ancient machine but did okay when disabling the cutter path in Mach 4. Last month I picked up an older used Intel i-7 for $300 off CL and runs like a champ.

 I'm not a fan of chinese boards and i'm lucky to attend PMDX HQ for monthly CNC meetings so if you can afford it, I highly recommend.

I know this is an old forum post, but still relevant because we are dealing with vintage machines...

Did you use the Leadshine DM2282 drivers with the original stepper motors (Sigma/Superior M112's)? Leadshine or Gecko are the two drivers that I'm trying to chose from, was leaning towards the Leadshine because they don't need a DC power supply. Any help or guidance is much appreciated!